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Vigil for justice, humanity and human rights

English Cabaret

4 Oct 2023

Singing a song for the ECHR

Following the failure to delay, prevent, or stall the Illegal Migration Bill, English Cabaret, which is comprised of members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, the ECHR's British artisan, have resumed their vigil for justice, humanity and human rights. It began this summer with performances of Dreams of Peace & Freedom at C aurora on the Edinburgh Fringe, whilst an unexpected pivot took them to perform with members of his school, George Watson's College, at Edinburgh's Merchants Hall to mark his achievements.

Now, with the Party Conference season in full swing they are performing again in protest at the government's renewed threats to withdraw from the ECHR in the wake of the 'small boats crisis'.

This week in Manchester, they performed excerpts from the show on the steps of the Friends Meeting House, just before Suella Braverman addressed the conference, and they are now in Liverpool, venue of Labour's Conference. Next stop is London, where the Supreme Court will discuss the legality of the Rwanda scheme and rule in the coming month.

The vigil - an act of watchful attention in the face of sleep - shines the light of the past on our troubled present highlighting the issues of Justice for Ukraine and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, as it garners cross-party support for a 'Convention Coalition.' You can follow their vigil on Instagram @officialthint and X @OfficialTHINT.

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