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June 15th 2022 – 4th November 2025

In support of the protection of universal rights and fundamental freedoms throughout Great Britain and Europe and for justice for Ukraine

'What began as a celebration is now a call to arms'

Helen Mountfield, Principal, Mansfield College, Oxford

Dreams of Peace & Freedom tells the story of how Magna Carta, the foundation stone of human rights came to be in the aftermath of war and justice after World War II. From 15th June, the anniversary of its signing to the 75th anniversary of the ECHR we will do everything we can to educate, celebrate and protect that great charter of rights and freedoms.

In the past a ‘progress’ was the name associated with royal tours. A progress is not, however, defined by its' royal association. We are using it, because it emphasises the need to move forward and to improve, and not fatalistically allow things to slide.


We will carry out a number of Magna Carta Progresses to visit as many places as we can, performing DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM in village halls and great spaces. We will ensure that as many people as possible know about the birthplace of their rights, and how there can be no peace without justice.

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- English Translation of Magna Carta 

- Charter of IMT Nuremberg

- Text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

- European Convention on Human Rights

LAUNCH | Runnymede | 15th June 2022
807th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta 

The Human Rights Act has been under review for some time and our submission last year emphasised the need for a wider education on fundamental rights and freedoms and their historical origins, a suggestion supported by Lord Gross and his panel. 

On the very day of our launch, the European Convention came under government scrutiny as the first refugee flight to Rwanda was delayed by an intervention from the Court of Human Rights.

The Magna Carta Progress reinforces the idea of the need to protect rights and freedoms over the centuries in England, and Dreams of Peace & Freedom and the accompanying wrap-around materials provide a vital perspective during this debate.