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Robert Blackmore

Robert combines his talents as an actor, with writing, filming, and editing. For the last 10 years, with English Cabaret, he has developed and created new work both onstage and online, writing sketches and songs, as well as working in front and behind the camera.

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My Story

Back in 2012, Robert made his debut as an actor playing the Swallow in the 20th-anniversary revival of The Happy Prince at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then he has been involved in more than a hundred different performances including Albion Forlorn, The English Cabaret Hour which he also co-wrote, and Dreams of Peace & Freedom, in which he speaks the words of his great grandfather, David Maxwell Fyfe. 

As part of his work at English Cabaret, Robert has played a leading role in the crafting of its' online presence, developing and presenting a series of EC Vlogs, and creating music and lyric videos for The English Singing Baker and A Woman a Piano. Together this has resulted in more than 60 videos. 


Robert's most notable credit is performing and co-editing the feature film Dreams of Peace & Freedom: The Human's in the Telling which combines the words of Maxwell Fyfe spoken in the landscape of his story, with historical footage that atmospherically resonates with his past. Moments from these films have now been incorporated into live performances of Dreams of Peace & Freedom. Robert is at present creating a book Silent?! The unheard story of a silent movie actor.

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