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Two Tigers opens

English Cabaret

9 Aug 2023

Our first week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Two Tigers, English Cabaret’s modernist musical that marks 100 years since the death of writer Katherine Mansfield opened this week at C aquila on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Featuring Lily Casson and Lucas McQueen as the two tigers - Mansfield and editor John Middleton Murry - the cast also includes Emily Mahi’ai as Lesley and Sue Casson as podcaster Avril Gilchrist.

Already the show has been selected from 172 musicals on the fringe this year to be part of the Fringe Review’s Top Musical Picks and is the only British show to appear on the official KM23 Centenary website.

The Edinburgh Guide calls it a ‘charming musical tribute’ and audience response so far has been very positive. One member sought out the Mansfield Musings Blog after the show to write - ‘Thanks for helping me to learn more about Katherine Mansfield’ whilst another described their experience as ‘very special.’

The cast were thrilled to be joined at a performance by John Middleton Murry’s grand-daughter Jacqueline Turner, who booked tickets after spotting his picture on our poster and was as delighted to have come along as they were to meet her.

An interview with composer Sue Casson in The New Current explores the origins of Two Tigers. You can read it online now.

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