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Love Theatre Day announcement

English Cabaret

20 Nov 2022

Introducing Lily Casson's I Heart Musicals

Just when the nights are getting towards their longest and darkest, and we’re all looking for some light to brighten our winter evenings comes #LoveTheatreDay - an online celebration of all things theatrical. This time when theatre companies all over London are sharing the excitement of the stage seems a perfect moment to announce Lily Casson’s I Heart Musicals, a love letter to musical theatre.

In her live show, previewing for the first time this autumn, Lily invites you to join her in a world of songs and stories from a century of musical theatre. There will be familiar favourites alongside some exciting new discoveries as she takes you on a very personal journey of how they came to be and why she hearts them.

To coincide with the show, her blogs, microcasts and playlists are being brought together for the first time in a brand-new website. is presently in development and will be online soon.

Lily has always loved musicals, and as part of English Cabaret has been lucky enough to experience musical magic from both sides of the velvet curtain. Now she shares her fascination with shows in the making, online and onstage, shining a spotlight on the wonder of escapism and joy they bring, and making musicals the star of the show.

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