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Introducing Songs of the People

English Cabaret

27 Nov 2023

Singing for Safety

In the wake of extraordinary recent events, English Cabaret, which is comprised of members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, British artisan of the ECHR, have extended their summer vigil for justice, humanity and human rights into The Songs of the People, inviting others to sing along.

The video announcement triggered a major social media reaction and a series of pop up events is now being planned to gather people together to sing Safety from Dreams of Peace & Freedom.

This song, written for International Human Rights Day 2013, celebrates the peace and safety that we all share under ECHR. Following government reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on Rwanda it is in real danger of being put aside for short-term political expediency. All the resources are available at

Find out where you can join the singing on Instagram @officialthint and X @OfficialTHINT.

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