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75 years ago this December

English Cabaret

23 Dec 2022

English Cabaret shine a light on forgotten values

75 years ago, on 23rd December, David Maxwell Fyfe gave a speech in Brussels to the Union Belge Britannique. It was just 14 months after he had returned from prosecuting the leaders of the Nazi regime in Nuremberg. The following May he would attend the Congress of Europe with Winston Churchill and take the first steps towards the creation of the Convention of Human Rights in Europe (the ECHR) which would be opened for signing in November 1950. Designed to protect Europe from tyranny after WWII it has been a beacon of peace for 70 years.

During the darkest weeks of the year, English Cabaret are performing Sue Casson’s dramatic song cycle, Dreams of Peace & Freedom, to highlight this anniversary, shining the light of the past on our fractured present.

Over at, a social media campaign has been generating interest exploring the themes in this speech in pictures and video on Instagram, Twitter and Wordpress. This has led up to the launch of a new YouTube channel - The Human's in the Telling. Here those videos can be revisited alongside all the recording and podcasts that are available on the website. There will be further films as the tour unfolds.

Visit the new YouTube channel at

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