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Casson & The Brannick Academy provide the soundtrack to news of an unexpected discovery 100 years on from the last great find in the Valley of the Kings. Last Call for Nefertiti is the title song to Tom Blackmore's film - an intimate search for Ancient Egypt's most beautiful woman. 


"Last Call for Nefertiti, beauty like you've never known,
Last Call, she's got it all, enigma, charisma..."

As the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun approaches two Egyptologists are in the news suggesting theories of a new discovery - the final resting place of the most beautiful woman of the ancient world, Queen Nefertiti.

Casson & The Brannick Academy were with one of them, Professor Nicholas Reeves when he first began his quest to find her tomb 30 years ago.  Last Call for Nefertiti captures the intrepid spirit of discovery as this story unfolds. 

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Available to view on demand at C the Arts

An inventive meld of history, performance and song, tells the story of a search for the tomb of ancient Egypt's most beautiful woman. 

Last Call for Nefertiti is a personal impression of one man in pursuit of the find of his life. Nicholas Reeves follows in the footsteps of Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon in a timeless quest that takes us from a castle in the English countryside to the heat and mystery of the Valley of the Kings. Interviews and eye-witness footage are threaded with musical interludes from Casson & The Brannick Academy. 

A film directed by Tom Blackmore based on his experiences with the Armana Royal Tombs Project during four seasons of exploration in the Valley of the Kings 1998 - 2002. 

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Wonderful. The recollections and archival footage... (are) informative and engaging, particularly the video footage during the expedition seeing it all at first hand as they search for their goal...The music is witty. 

Taylor Kendall,

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It is very bold and inventive and... slightly mad. It does have
a creative brio which is very infectious... very original work


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It's clear the passion with which it has been made has led to an individual and unique film


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