Lily Casson explores a century of musical theatre.


Delving into a collection of songs from her favourite shows, she tells the stories behind their creation, bringing them alive for a new generation of musical lovers. 

'Beautiful and inspiring work'

Capathia Jenkins

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It's a century since musicals first became a recognized art form.

Lily will shine a spotlight on shows we know and others she loves,

singing songs and sharing her passion onstage and online. 

Lily welcomes you into her world of musicals on her new blog, uploading a new post featuring one of her favourite shows from a century of song on matinee days. She tells you a little about the stories behind their creation, features her cover songs from them and hopefully inspires you to go away to find out more about them yourself.

Her monthly musical microcast shines a spotlight on a new decade from the century of song every episode. Click the button below to find out more. 

The story so far


August 2016

Lily's first solo show 'Encounters' premiered at C Too in the beautiful St Columbus church during the Fringe Festival 2016

Music expresses that which cannot be said 
and on which it is impossible to be silent. 

Victor Hugo