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Musical Holiday Destinations

Lily Casson is bringing her show, I Heart Musicals, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with English Cabaret this summer, which will coincide with the launch of a new website that will share her exploration of a century of song. Leading up to her show's premiere, we are offering a preview of some of her musical thoughts.

In this post, Lily shares her favourite holiday destinations in musicals and gives inspiration for the summer ahead!

The weather has been in full-on holiday mode over the last couple of weeks in the UK and it has made me think of all the places I have holidayed vicariously through a musical. Even when the weather in the real world disappoints, you can summon up bottled sunshine from any number of Musical Holiday Destinations. Pack your suitcase and join me in my list of favourites...

RELAX AT A VENICIAN LIDO (Top Hat the Musical)

Take a leaf out of Madge's book and retreat to ancient Venice for a relaxing stay. Enjoy a gondolier ride along the city's waterways to take in the sights, or sip a cocktail or two on the Lido as you see society darlings come and go, or just snooze in the shade as the water laps at your feet. No wonder Jerry fancied stringing along with Horace on this trip away and maybe his heart guided him here too. There couldn't be a better place for a mixed up romance!


Join Lawrence and Freddie on the French Riviera to take in the best the season has to offer. Live in the lap of luxury at a hotel with all you could possibly need, including a music room and discos to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Let the cool evening breezes fan across your room as you watch the moon rise or dance the night away in your glad rags in the hope of finding some high-born rich partner who might be the answer to all life's problems. (A word of caution : they may not be what they seem!)

VISIT THE LAND OF OZ (The Wizard of Oz/Wicked)

Whether you are on a school day trip from Old Shiz, or you pitched up after a tornado knocked you out cold in Kansas, the Land of Oz is the perfect city break. Relish the hustle and bustle of the glittery green streets, with their libraries, museums and palaces before taking in a show at Wizomania. Finally, if you're lucky you may win the ultimate prize - a visit to the Wizard himself. But be wary of his power, it could be less strong than you think.


Leave your work behind and escape the dirt and grime of London's backstreets for a breath of fresh air by the British seaside. Wake up to a chorus of seagulls and spend the day warming your bones on the esplanade, dipping your toes in the briny or wandering along the pier. You might invite friends to enjoy the experience with you - but be aware of any strange behaviour from chums who come over for dinner.


If you prefer somewhere warmer, try a stay on an island in the South Pacific. Discover the history of the island people as you soak up the tropical sunshine before enjoying some freshly prepared coconuts and watching the sun set. This is a very romantic destination so don't be surprised if you reawaken the capacity to love, or fall in love for the first time. When you leave, it will call you back to visit again and again.


If you're looking for culture and cuisine, try a weekend away in one of Italy's beautiful cities. You can explore the museums and galleries and marvel at the objects and paintings before taking a walk along the cobbled streets (preferably with someone you love!) To end the day, enjoy a traditional Italian meal, full of delicious delicacies to tempt your taste-buds.

You can listen to Lily's Top 10 songs about holidays to put you in the mood for a get-away here.

This post was first published on Her new site is in development and her live show is playing at 21:20 on 11th, 13th, 20th, 25th and 27th August at C Venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. BOOK NOW!

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