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Winter 2023/24

Discover what's happening this season at English Cabaret...


In the wake of extraordinary recent events, English Cabaret, which is comprised of members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, British artisan of the ECHR, have extended their summer vigil for justice, humanity and human rights into The Songs of the People, inviting others to sing along.

A favourite quotation of David's was by Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun - 'Let me write the songs of the people and I care not who makes their laws.' In that spirit, as the government has already restricted freedom of association to protest, they will sing and invite others to sing too. 

Find out where you can join the singing on Instagram @officialthint and X @OfficialTHINT.

A musical drama about two literary pioneers

2023 marks the centenary of the death of Katherine Mansfield,
a trailblazing modernist writer born in New Zealand. Two Tigers tells the story of her brief but extraordinary life, and her turbulent love affair with editor John Middleton Murry who ensured her legacy.

Sue Casson's re-imagining of her musical premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Well received with audiences and critics alike, it
was the only British show to be listed on the anniversary website. Further performance opportunities are presently being explored as the centenary year continues. This autumn a short film featuring songs from the show will be part of online celebration, KM100. 

Two Tigers Edinburgh collage.png
I Heart Musicals Edinburgh collage.png

Lily Casson's show on stage - and online 

As well as creating the role of Katherine Mansfield in Two Tigers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lily Casson brought I Heart Musicals - where musicals are the star of the show - to the stage for the first time.

Described by Broadway Baby as a 'delightful and beautifully sung... twist on a classic cabaret' Lily is now exploring opportunities to bring this show to a wider audience. In addition, Lily's blogs, micro-casts and playlists are being brought together for the first time in a brand-new website, which is presently in development. 

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