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Season 2022/23


English Cabaret produced an exciting programme of shows at this summer's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. From left to right song cycle Dreams of Peace & Freedom, Lily Casson's I Heart Musicals, Sue Casson's Two Tigers,The Eazy Club, Festival Music Nights and tragi-comedy satire
Shakespeare Up Late : A Right Royal Visit. 

All the shows were hosted by C Venues, whose artistic director Hartley Kemp was  joined for the season by our own Robert Blackmore as associate producer. 

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During the darkest weeks of the year, English Cabaret set off to perform Sue Casson’s dramatic song cycle, Dreams of Peace & Freedom, to shine the light of the past on our fractured present. 

As the government prepared a slate of legislation to restrict our fundamental rights and freedoms, a new generation of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, British artisan of the ECHR, sang their beautiful protest at attempts to interfere with its protection and to diminish our humanity.

sung by Lily Casson in Creich graveyard 

 The European Convention on Human Rights was signed in Rome on 4th November 1950. 

To mark the day a special music video was released. It features
Sue Casson's musical setting of Rupert Brooke's poem which was quoted by David Maxwell Fyfe in his only speech at the Nuremberg Trials. The sequence was filmed for The Human's in the Telling, in the graveyard of Fyfe's ancestors in Scotland.

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Centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun

As the anniversary of the most famous Egyptian discovery of all time made news in early November 2022, archaeologists marked the event with speculation about a further discovery - Queen Nefertiti. 

Following a successful run as part of the Sydney Global Fringe,
English Cabaret made Tom Blackmore's film available to stream
on-demand at C the Arts, whilst the re-released title song provided
THE soundtrack to emerging

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