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Fill the Silence Tour

English Cabaret

30 Apr 2022

English Cabaret support Justice for Ukraine

We defend our freedom to live, to love, to sound.
Fill the silence with your music. And then peace will come
President Zelenskiy, Ukraine

As members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, Nuremberg prosecutor and Human Rights champion, English Cabaret are filling the silence with informal performances of song cycle DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM throughout May.

Fyfe’s grandson Tom Blackmore was invited to sign a declaration of President Putin’s guilt of the crime of aggression in launching his attack on Ukraine, and behind it there is an international petition which has so far attracted 1.7 million signatures worldwide. Victims of this aggression demand justice, for without it there cannot be the peace needed to rebuild society after the barbarity.

The Ukrainian president has called for a tribunal for the Russian military ‘similar to the Nuremberg tribunal’ in which, as a leading British prosecutor, David Maxwell Fyfe played a notable part. Our performances tell the story of the trial through his eyes, showing that justice has been done - and can be done again.

We are encouraging audiences to sign the petition highlighting the need for justice for Ukraine. Find out more about the tour, and add your signature at our Fill the Silence tour page from the HOME page or ONSTAGE drop down menu.

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