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Countdown to a special anniversary

English Cabaret

4 May 2024

Announcing our plans to celebrate and protest leading up to ECHR75

Today marks eighteen months until the 75th anniversary of the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights. As this landmark approaches English Cabaret is arranging a series of performances of song cycle Dreams of Peace & Freedom that tells the story of the birth of human rights after WWII through the eyes and words of someone who was there - Nuremberg prosecutor and ECHR drafter David Maxwell Fyfe.

We are announcing two performances as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe returning to C Venues, where the show premiered in 2014. The political landscape has changed substantially since then, as the ECHR has increasingly come under attack from members of the present government as they work to implement the Rwanda Plan. As members of the family of Maxwell Fyfe we continue to protest against this in song. Details of how you can join us to voice your protest are at our sister website

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