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Coming to C the Arts this summer

English Cabaret

20 Jul 2022

Last Call for Nefertiti to feature in digital arts programme in Australia and the UK

This summer, Tom Blackmore’s ‘bold and inventive’ film based on his impressions of 4 seasons digging in the Valley of the Kings with Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves and the Armana Royal Tombs Project will be screened online as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and C the Arts off-Fringe digital platform.

Reeves is in pursuit of the find of his life and we join his international team as they follow in the footsteps of Carter and Carnarvon, whose discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun is 100 years old this year. An unusual meld of history, performance and musical interludes, Last Call for Nefertiti features original songs from Casson & The Brannick Academy, alongside interviews and eye-witness footage as this timeless quest takes us from a castle in the English countryside to the heat and mystery of the Valley of the Kings.

The film received a special screening at C Venues during the Edinburgh Festival 2015, when Nefertiti was once again in the news. The theory advanced then by Dr Reeves is still under investigation.

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