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Announcing More Resources

Tom Blackmore

10 Jan 2022

Kilmuir Papers & The Human's In The Telling Merge

We are delighted to announce that we have just expanded the wrap-around educational resources available at

The site is already home to our immersive digital treatment of DREAMS OF PEACE AND FREEDOM, Sue Casson’s song cycle that tells the story of David Maxwell Fyfe’s journey from prosecuting at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials to championing human rights at the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Additionally, it is now home to the complete transcripts of the letters exchanged between Kilmuir, (then David Maxwell Fyfe) and his wife Sylvia whilst he was at Nuremberg, further detailed historical background, commentary, and useful links, together with details of other projects inspired by the papers. Over the coming months, more will be added to enrich the archive further.

This has been made possible by merging with and the site will remain accessible from both web addresses.

As the amplified site now looks towards the 75th anniversary of the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights, @OfficialTHINT will continue as the Twitter feed, providing details of landmark events along the way, notable quotes, and signalling the addition of new blogs and transcripts as they happen on Wordpress. Why not follow so you don’t miss out!

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