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4th November - A Magical Day

English Cabaret

24 Oct 2022

A strange coincidence of events this autumn

4th November is a significant anniversary to two very different projects that are under the spotlight at English Cabaret this autumn.

A hundred years ago this year, the tomb of Tutankhamun was first uncovered, but in 2022 the talk is all about the whereabouts of Queen Nefertiti. THE soundtrack to the speculation is Casson & The Brannick Academy's song Last Call for Nefertiti which has just been re-released on Amazon, Apple and Spotify. Watch the official music video on YouTube. Fresh from the Sydney global fringe C the Arts have also made Tom Blackmore's film of the same name available on demand.

4th November also marks the anniversary of the signing of the ECHR. In time for Remembrance Day an official music video of Lily and Sue Casson singing Rupert Brooke's The Soldier has been released, whilst the Magna Carta Progress continues to inspire and inform with live shows. At the same time The Human's in the Telling, a film which sets the story of our universal rights and freedoms in a Sussex forest during lockdown will be released on C the Arts this November.

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