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MAY 2022

We defend our freedom to live, to love, to sound. 

Fill the silence with your music. And then peace will come

President Zelensky, Ukraine 


We are performing our song cycle DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM to highlight the need to secure justice for Ukraine and encourage people to sign an international petition calling for the establishment of an ad hoc tribunal to prosecute Putin’s crimes against peace in launching a war of unwarranted aggression.  1.7 million people have already added their signature, and we are hoping to contribute to that number reaching 2 million.


We are taking the cut-down show on the road throughout May, performing informally as we make our way through the country, visiting centres of inspiration on David Maxwell Fyfe's stream of natural law.

These are free campaign performances so join us to support Justice for Ukraine!




As members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and a champion of the European Convention on Human Rights we believe Justice is a first vital step towards rebuilding Ukraine after the fighting finishes. Sign the international petition calling for Justice for Ukraine here. 


Further steps will include the establishment of a secure peace for the Ukrainian people and the restoration of their fundamental rights and freedoms.  We stand by those who expose evil deeds in Ukraine, and who will restore the rights and freedoms. We will fill the silence with our music to defend the freedom of Ukrainians to live, to love, and to sound. 

DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM tells the story of the steps that were taken after the barbarity of the Second World War. Find out more at our SHOW page. 

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