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Edinburgh during the festival season

5th - 28th August 2022

Moving and astoundingly beautiful

Melvyn Roffe, Principal of George Watson’s College, Edinburgh

Arriving in the city in the spirit of the 8 companies who came uninvited to the first international festival staged 75 years ago this year, it has been a buzzing place to stage the first part of our Magna Carta Progress. 

See photos from our run below! 

This show is a delight of visuals, deeply human values and song

Jamie Stewart on Twitter

Kapil Summan

 Swansong for the Convention – Scottish Legal News

‘Sung beautifully…The cycle draws throughout on the poems of the “English Adonis”, (Rupert Brooke) who had inspired Fyfe…
his poetry blooms.’

Screenshot (1232).png

Featured in 

Screenshot (1238).png
Swansong for the Convention.png

Watch our video of highlights from the run below...

a topical and heartwarming performance about the creation of
human rights featuring a mini choir and archive footage.
I highly recommend it.

Jonathan Esk-Riddell on Twitter

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