Upload films

Upload was my first proper film. It explores how you can make yourself famous online via a computer, by creating your own ideas and putting them into a video. But it also looks at the  downside  of social media - where you can get bullied or made to feel sad and angry, which can stop you doing the thing you love which is making content.

I'm still waiting for my 15minutes of fame - maybe this is the time for me...

This is a story about Robert and Cortana (the voice that you get with a Microsoft phone). It’s a love story between a machine and man. Robert has been talking to Cortana - mostly about the weather and where Margate is. It has been more of a professional relationship up until now, but as things develop we learn more about upsides and the downside of having a mobile assistant . This may not sound that interesting, but have you talked to your phone recently?