The Happy Prince CD

Songs from the original production tour of Sue Casson and Tom Blackmore's 'charming and radiant' musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic tale of how a statue prince and a migrating swallow relieve the poverty of a town. For reviews, and to find out more about how the show developed click here.


This recording was one of the first on the Dress Circle label, and made for the nationwide tour of the show (1993/4). The arrangements are by Chris Brannick who shares piano playing with Sue Casson and apart from the bass, both electric and double, which is played by Peter Ringrose, plays everything else.

1992 Cast Recording 


Happy Prince   John Barr

Swallow            Mina Anwar

Chorus             John Warnaby

Pandora           Sue Casson


Directed by Tom Blackmore

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