Last Call for Nefertiti

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Last Call for Nefertiti is a project dating back to 1998. Throughout its early years  English Cabaret worked with the Amarna Royal Tombs Project and The Brannick Academy  telling the story of four years of exploration in the Valley of the Kings searching for the tomb of Nefertiti, against a vibrant soundtrack of songs and music.


The project became dormant in 2006, only to resurface unexpectedly in 2007, when the songs were packaged into a CD by our friend Ray Jones, then at Superbreak, for him to distribute to his 64,000 guests at the Tutankhamun exhibition at O2.


In 2015, Nicholas Reeves, the director of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project revealed a new theory as to the whereabouts of Nefertiti - that she is buried beyond the tomb that housed Tutankhamun. It has provided an opportunity to re-open the song book, and bring this brilliant saga bang up to date.

Throughout 2016, as part of a woman, a piano... Casson will be playing songs from the Last Call for Nefertiti set

last call for nefertiti thumbnail LC4N Scene10.avi.Still001 Nefertiti bust 2

Robert and Lily's 2015 English Cabaret  vlog when Nick Reeves announced his new theory about the whereabouts of Nefertiti.