Last Call for Nefertiti

Some of the songs from Tom Blackmore's 2006 film following Nicholas Reeves search for the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Queen in the Valley of the Kings now form the basis of Sue Casson's show a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti.  


Hear more songs and find out about a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti here

Words & music by Sue Casson.


Piano / vocals                             Sue Casson


Bass and vocals                         The Brannick Academy

Cello                                           Caryl Caffery

Drums                                         Stephen Hiscock

P Nefertiti 29x29


'This is a story about Nefertiti. But it's also the story of an academic archaeologist who obsessively pursued her, it's the story of a dreamer, who made it possible to go in search.


And it's my story, of what happened when I joined the academic and the dreamer in Egypt to provide a musical soundtrack to their quest. It was called Last Call for Nefertiti.'  

Sue Casson