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An insight into English Singing Baker's Cinderella-themed performance at this year's English Cabaret Hour at C South, set to 'He danced With Me'. At the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, English Singing Baker was inspired by Disney's live action Cinderella, to sing songs about all things Cinders and bake her own creation, Cinderella Shortbread.




The second instalment of the two part series from the English Singing Baker's debut at C South at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014, as part of Celebrity Café, the second English Cabaret Hour.



The first of a two part series of production shots from the

English Singing Baker's debut during

English Cabaret Hour at

C South, Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

English Singing Baker sings...


Welcome to the videos of the English Singing Baker.


In 2016, the English Singing Baker will upload a new video each month entitled ESB Monthly Bake. Each video will present a brand new recipe, with 4 new songs which will be available to listen to again on Soundcloud as well as being able to download or read the recipe and make it yourself.


English Singing Baker sings... is a series of videos with songs sung by the English Singing Baker at the Edinburgh Fringe with production shots taken at C South.


As the English Singing Baker, I hope to bring recipes to life with song - so tantalize your tastebuds with some tasty videos that I hope will inspire you to make the recipes yourself!.

ESB Monthly Bake




Just in time for Easter, in the March edition of the ESB Monthly Bake, the English Singing Baker whips up her own take on the humble hot cross bun - an Easter 'Tear and Share' Cross.  Join her as she takes you through the recipe with her individual take on some Easter classics.  




This month on the ESB Monthly Bake, the English Singing Baker is rustling up sticky ginger pudding to warm you up on the cold and stormy nights of February! Join her as she takes you through the recipe with songs inspired by the weather.






Join the English Singing Baker for a Sound of Music inspired  January edition of the ESB Monthly Bake. Inspired by the recent showing of the famous film on New Year's Day, the English Singing Baker makes one of Maria's favourite things – a crisp apple strudel.







Join the English Singing Baker for a festive edition of her new series, ESB Monthly Bake! This time, she sings her favourite songs and makes Apple Mince Pies, a perfect treat for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.




To find the recipes, songs and more visit www.lilyblackmore.co.uk or the click the image below!

Screenshot for EC WEB 2 ESB Channel Art Take 2 - For Background singing baker

English Singing Baker goes to the Ball


This is a rough pilot for a series of videos for the English Singing Baker.


Inspired by Disney's recent release live action Cinderella, the English Singing Baker bakes a recipe that reflects Cinderella. The heart symbols her search for love, stem ginger the heat of the fireside and chocolate the cinders that she is named after.



This month's video is inspired by Paris and one of the ESB's favourite novels, Les Miserables. Inspired by Les Miserables, English Singing Baker has created Valjean's stolen loaves - one loaf like the one that Jean Valjean might have stolen in Les Miserables - and the other a plaited loaf representing the many strands of story throughout the novel. Join the ESB as she takes you through the recipe step by step with songs celebrating Paris!




For the May monthly bake, inspired by springtime romance, the English Singing Baker bakes Teatime Sandwich Biscuits with homemade raspberry jam. Join her as she takes you through the recipe step by step with her favourite songs about falling in love for the first time. Share with your loved one over a nice cup of tea!




This month, the English Singing Baker has sugar on the brain with both recipe and songs inspired by sweet delights. Join her as she makes truly scrumptious Traditional Fudge, the perfect gift for any occasion with songs about all things sweet from the Sherman Brothers.




The English Singing Baker's video this month, is inspired by late summer Garden Parties with a Garden Party Strawberry Cake that will knock the socks off any BBQ guests - whether or not the sun shines. And to accompany it,  a selection of songs inspired by gardens and flowers.




In this month's episode, the English Singing Baker celebrates the good old British summer with songs about the warmest season of them all from British songwriters, and an alternative ice-cream cone in 'Summer' Snaps which are perfect on their own with whipped cream and fresh fruit or with a scoop of your favourite ice-cream.  





In this month's video, the English Singing Baker goes back to school with Back to School Cookies, a perfect sweet treat for lunch boxes or an anytime sugar rush. And to accompany them, a selection of songs about the home of education.  




In this edition of the monthly bake, the English Singing Baker gets happy with a brightly coloured pudding in Pumpkin Pie, that will cheerily spice up any dark autumn evening. With a selection of songs about happiness to accompany the recipe.




In this November edition of the ESB Monthly Bake, the English Singing Baker creates a little magic of her own with miniature show stopping cakes, Mini Magic Top Hats, that will stun anyone you bake it for and think you have powers beyond your control. With a selection of magical songs to accompany the recipe.