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No ordinary Christmas and no ordinary winter lies ahead

By englishcabaret, Dec 24 2018 03:38PM

Two twentieth century titans of light and shade are best placed to guide us.

CS Lewis wrote of the Narnia into which the children stumbled,

“It is winter in Narnia,” said Mr. Tumnus, “and has been for ever so long…. always winter, but never Christmas.”

We have now reached winter but there is little sign of Christmas. 10 years of austerity and politically fuelled inequality that the Christmas spirit has left us, just as the music died.

Of course the winter of Narnia was picture-book snow and frost. Not so our endless season.

Tolkein wrote of Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings :

'we have dwelt ever in sight of that shadow: sometimes it seems fainter and more distant; sometimes nearer and darker. It is growing and darkening now; and therefore our fear and disquiet grow too'.

Our winter is grey even when the sun shines, The shadow is deepening.

And so this is no ordinary Christmas and no ordinary winter lies ahead. For most, Christmas has slipped away, and fear and disquiet is rife.

It's like a bad dream as we live out the fatalism of those who believed that only they could thrive.

In response any one of us can only do their best.

As the MP David Lammy recently tweeted :

'I just want to run through the corridors screaming “ wake the **** up people” but I’m stuck in Parliament and would likely get arrested'.

Before, he said this is the House of Commons :

'The audacious idea of European integration was motivated by fear. But it was made possible by shared ideals: democracy, human rights, equality, freedom, and a refusal to submit to the tyranny of fascism, ever again.'

We agree, and we have a story that tells a little of how those shared ideals first came together after the world wars.

And during this season we are determined to spread some good dreams of peace and freedom with performances of that story.

Will you help us.

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