Dreams of Peace & Freedom

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Dreams of Peace & Freedom is a twenty year old project conducted by English Cabaret with Kilmuir papers.


Over the years we have unearthed from the papers of David and Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe the extraordinary story of how human rights arose from the ashes of post-war Europe, in part from the forensic examination of the Nazi evil and its confrontation in cross-examination.


We have brought the papers alive in drama, film and song.


Maxwell Fyfe's year at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials as a pre-eminent British prosecutor and his subsequent visits to the Hague, Strasbourg and finally Rome provided him with a unique insight into the way in which humanity had degraded itself over years of barbarity and a determination to put in place a living instrument of law to prevent its repetition.


This is an epic tale and we have matched his words of inspiration with words that inspired him, the poetry of his youth that conjured an idyll which he sought to restore.

Since August 2014 we have been telling the story through the performance of a song cycle by Sue Casson. Opening at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this song cycle has toured the country and throughout 2015 popped up to chime with the anniversary of Magna Carta, Rupert Brooke, and the 70th anniversary of Nuremberg.  


This production coincided with the  Government's decision to rewrite British human rights, jeopardising our place in the Convention. The tour was therefore named 'The Law is A Living Thing.' You can read all about it here.


More about how we are moving the project on below.

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Over the past 20 years we have explored this history in a number of ways. You can look at what we have done at www.kilmuirpapers.org.

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