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'A profound and beautiful performance'

Jonathan Cooper OBE City State of Totnes

We know that we have made our way up the street from another barricade.


Our story tells how Europe came together to protect fundamental freedoms and human rights after years of depression, barbarity and war. How the Convention of 1950 was born out of the trials at Nuremberg 5 years earlier.


However our protagonist, David Maxwell Fyfe, a leader at Nuremberg and Strasbourg and later a Conservative government minister for over 10 years, wrote a lament at the failure of the Conservative Party, and the country, to embrace the European Union at its birth.


That lament is woven with a setting of the declaration of freedom in Magna Carta, and a preamble to the Convention drafted by him that was never used. Modern European rights were built on the foundation of ancient British freedoms.


We are members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, and  our original film is overlaid with images from our participation in the recent march and rally for the Peoples Vote and a visit to the City State of Totnes. We know that the Union and the Convention are different projects of post-war European reform. However, we say that the freedom created by peace and collaboration in Europe has nurtured a unique environment for prosperity in diversity. It isn't perfect, but it should be treasured.


We demand a People's Vote.

T  H  E     P E O P L E S    V O T E

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