Could Queen Nefertiti's tomb be the biggest archaeological discovery this century?


Following the excitement of a new theory about the ancient Queen's final resting place, singer-songwriter Casson reveals the story of her own involvement with this epic quest in a cycle of lively and inventive songs. Great tunes, wry observations and a unique personal perspective make this a must for lovers of Egypt and good music.


'Casson has a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice'



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'This is a story about Nefertiti. But it's also the story of an academic archaeologist who obsessively pursued her, it's the story of a dreamer, who made it possible to go in search.


And it's my story, of what happened when I joined the academic and the dreamer in Egypt to provide a musical soundtrack to their quest. It was called Last Call for Nefertiti.'  Sue Casson



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'Haunting original songs'




a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti

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Songs & Stories by Sue Casson


Directed by Tom Blackmore

'Witty lyrics, soaring melodies'



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