These Hearts


From Rupert Brooke's War Sonnet IV The Dead

Set to music by Sue Casson

I went to a pre-view of the Russian film in Auschwitz concentration camp.  


Instrumental  break:  There are waters


When one sees children of Mo's age and younger in this horrible place and the clothes of infants who were killed, it is worth a year of our lives to help to register for ever and with practical result the reasoned horror of humanity.



These hearts were woven of human joys and cares,

Washed with sorrow, swift to mirth.

The years had given them kindness.


It is just as well that in respect of Nazi war crimes the apologist of the future will be confronted by the admissions of the many found guilty, and the mass of incriminating documents produced at the trials.



Dawn was theirs,

And the sunset, and the colours of the earth,

They had seen movement, heard music,

Till Honour lost its worth


Known slumber and waking; loved;

Had gone proudly friended;

Touched flowers, touched furs, touched cheeks; sat alone;

All this is ended.

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Dreams of Peace & Freedom

A song cycle by Sue Casson