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words from David Maxwell Fyfe's autobiography  'Political Adventure' weave with music by Sue Casson

The light plays clearly on my Edinburgh childhood. The cobbled, dimly lit alleyways of the old town, the symmetrical splendour of the great streets, the aloof and enthralling majesty of the Castle.


I arrived in Oxford in the evening. I was enormously thrilled. The collection of College buildings was something which staggered my imagination.


The beginning of my lifelong legal and political connection with Liverpool could not have been less inspiring. I did not know a soul in this vast cloud-enshrouded, mushy, and weeping city.


I cannot adequately express my emotions of pride and happiness when I first entered the Palace of Westminster as of right, a Member of Parliament.To enter the House of Commons is not merely to enter a political institution, it is coming upon a new world, complex, hazardous, inconstant, demanding and perpetually fascinating. The pride and pleasure never faded throughout the twenty years I sat in the Commons.


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Dreams of Peace & Freedom

A song cycle by Sue Casson