There are waters

There are waters blown


One day in 1947 Winston called me across the smoking room of the House of Commons and asked me if I would join the committee of the United Europe Movement, of which he was chairman. I had always been anxious to do something positive after the part I had played in destroying Nazi ideology, and I accepted with enthusiasm. I wanted to do something about human rights.



There are waters

Blown by changing winds



There are waters,

There are waters blown,

Stormy waters,

Blown by changing winds to laughter

And lit by the rich skies all day


Our draft had as its basis security for life and limb, freedom from arbitrary arrest, freedom from slavery and compulsory labour, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of marriage, the sanctity of the family, equality before the law, and freedom from arbitrary deprivation of property. I was very anxious that we should get an international sanction in Europe behind the maintenance of these basic decencies of life.


There is safety,

Shored in the dark tides of a world at rest

War knows no power.

We are secure and blest.

Unshaken and free we shall stay.


And after,

Frost, with a gesture,

Stays the waves that dance

And wandering loveliness

He leaves a white, unbroken glory,

A gathered radiance,

A width,

A shining peace,

Under a tranquil night.

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Dreams of Peace & Freedom

A song cycle by Sue Casson

There are waters


From Rupert Brooke's War Sonnets - II Safety and IV The Dead

set to music by Sue Casson